Fix Your Own Pain

Do you (or your massage therapy clients) have pain?

Is movement restricted?

Do you feel imbalanced?

Are you feeling a disconnect between your mind and body?

Are you missing out on complete, long-lasting relief?

Do you wonder if there’s more you can do to feel better?

Do you have goals that have been difficult to achieve?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the following may help you (or your clients):

  • Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy techniques
  • Gentle movements
  • Searching for the obstacles to your complete, long-lasting relief
  • Mind-body awareness lessons
  • Crafting your own positive messages to change habits, reach your goals, and transform your life

But the most important piece of the puzzle is to first know that you CAN get relief, you CAN feel better, and and you CAN live life more fully.

Want to learn more?

Please enter your name and email into the sign-up form (above right), and you’ll receive more information about myofascial pain and what you can do to take care of it yourself. If you are a massage therapist who wants to learn more about how to help people in pain, please email me directly at for more information.

Here’s one client testimonial that shows the type of results you can get:
“As an artist, I recently struggled with chronic shoulder pain due to overuse of my drawing arm. I thought I had torn a muscle, because it hurt whenever I drew pictures or typed. I tried 8 weeks of physical therapy, but the pain persisted. Finally, I found Jill Goldman and learned about trigger points. It made total sense. Jill took the time to educate me and patiently answered all of my questions. She taught me how to release my triggers and heal myself. After two sessions with her, my pain subsided dramatically. I could finally draw again without pain! Jill is knowledgeable, kind, and empathetic. She genuinely wanted to help me, and she did. She’s a pro, with years of practice and knowledge. I recommend her highly.” – Mark

Wouldn’t  you love the freedom and peace of mind that comes from knowing how to Fix Your Own Pain?

Who has time to waste on pain? You’re busy, and you need relief right now. You want simple steps you can take that will really work.

So, let’s get right to the point. Let me share with you the strategies I’ve learned that will help you Fix Your Own Pain (FYOP) or the pain of your clients. You’ll get closer to pain relief, more quickly, using these strategies.

With the knowledge and confidence to take care of pain problems as they arise, you’ll spend time enjoying your life, instead of dealing with the pain. With the techniques to help others get out of pain, you will be providing a hugely needed service in our world.

But why should you listen to me, anyway?

I was initially drawn to this field because of my own chronic back pain, but now, after over 21 years working with clients as a Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist, I’ve achieved a unique combination of clinical and personal experience which has taught me what may be of help to you as you start your journey to pain relief (or continue your journey into helping others get relief).

If you’re determined to use natural, do-it-yourself solutions for pain relief, that are quick and easy to learn, and even fun to do, then let’s get started right now! If you’re ready to learn how to help your massage therapy clients more deeply, more fully, more quickly, please email me right now to become one of a select group of practices that are using my experience and knowledge to help them help many others.


To me, learning how to fix your own pain is a necessity! There are so many people with muscle pain that just live with it, because they don’t know what to do about it. They think there’s nothing they can do that will work. That really saddens me. Especially since I’ve been there, and I know exactly how that feels. I remember feeling completely certain that there was nothing that would help my pain, that no one understood my pain. You may be feeling that way right now, too. All the more reason I’m compelled to share this information with you. I want you to be able to KNOW you can do something about your myofascial pain.

Or perhaps you are someone (like many of my happy clients) who are fortunate to have learned about what can relieve their pain, and either can’t afford treatment, or spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year getting treatment, and spend a lot of time going to appointments. These days, who wants to be spending all that time and money going to appointments to get pain relief, especially when you can do it yourself, in much less time, and for much less money?

You’re done with having others “fix it” for you. You want to have the tools and knowledge to be able to “fix your own pain”. Helping people get out of pain has been my mission for over 21 years, and I’m grateful to have learned tools and techniques that make that possible. I’d like to share those with you.

I’d rather “teach” than “treat”!

Call me a “reluctant healer”, but I feel that while it is rewarding to be able to offer real relief to people in pain by using Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and other methods I’ve found along the way, it is not my ultimate goal to “treat” clients. In fact, I no longer schedule hands-on treatments. I can show you what you can do on your own to relieve your pain, so that you don’t need me to do it for you. If you’re a massage therapist who has a serious interest in learning the techniques I used so successfully for over 21 years, please email me to find out how you can learn them.

When you have the knowledge that I will share with you, then you can have control over your own body. You can have the comfort of knowing that you can keep yourself well, and take care of the pain problems that come up along the way.

I believe that EVERYONE should have the knowledge to take care of the aches and pains that are part of so many people’s lives. Yet most people are never taught the secrets of myofascial pain relief, and this upsets me. Knowing how to fix your own pain is some of the most valuable information that you can have. And when you have a more serious or persistent pain problem that you can’t handle yourself, you can turn to a professional to help, having done what you can on your own.

I wholeheartedly believe you can:

  • Take charge of how you feel.
  • Get relief from your pain.
  • Gain control over your life.
  • Create a better mind-body connection.
  • Move with more ease and comfort.
  • Have more fun!
  • Love how you feel!

I can’t do it all FOR you, but I’d like to share with you the most effective methods I’ve found for addressing Myofascial Pain:

Pressing on your Trigger Points, doing gentle movements, addressing obstacles, learning about your posture, scripting ideas for your life – each of these are powerful methods that can help you heal.

If you are ready to get started, but have questions, please email me directly at and tell me a little bit about your particular situation. Please put “Fix Your Own Pain – more info, please!” in the subject line so I know it is an important email. Otherwise, it may end up in my spam folder. I will give my honest feedback about whether or not my offerings might be of help to you. I may have more questions for you, or just give my suggestions. I am not a physician, and can not diagnose your condition. Please seek medical attention if you are not certain about your pain problem.

I look forward to teaching you how to Fix Your Own Pain very soon.

Yours in excellent health,

Jill Goldman