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About me – My story:

Hi! I’m Jill Goldman, and I want to help you find pain relief! I believe that everyone can learn the secrets of Myofascial Pain Relief. There is so much that YOU can do for yourself, to get out of pain, and I’d like to share it with you. There is no reason to suffer in silence, or to bravely put up with the pain. There is no reason to think that you can’t feel better. You can LOVE how you feel! Maybe that is hard for you to believe right now, but I have seen incredible changes happen for my clients, and for myself, over the years, so I believe it.

Please let me share something with you. Even though I’m a (retired) Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist, previously a professional member of the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists, and have a long list of happy client testimonials , the real reason I’m here for you right now, and why you’ll want to try the programs and packages I offer is this:

I’ve been there. I’ve had chronic pain, and not known what to do. I’ve had doctors be uncertain about the cause of my pain. I’ve been told by physicians that, “it’s just muscle pain”, which was especially upsetting to me, because even though it was actually an accurate diagnosis, after being told that it was muscular, I was not given the tools I needed to get rid of the muscle pain. I didn’t want to take medication for it, and resting it or taking hot baths didn’t help much at all. Massage didn’t help, either. But the thing that angered me most about it was the attitude about muscle pain was that it was no big deal, because it wasn’t life threatening. Muscle pain (Myofascial Pain is the actual term, which means pain that comes from muscles and connective tissue) can get in the way of really living life.

I know. I’ve had the frustration of not being able to do activities I wanted and needed to do. I’ve had the feeling of, “Will I ever be out of pain?”. When I was young, starting around age 12, I had chronic lower back pain and upper back pain, which lasted for years. I know the aggravation of not being able to get rid of it, or even be able to understand where the pain was coming from. I’ve been in that place of anger and hopelessness, of not knowing what to do, of trying things that don’t work, of wishing someone could tell me what I could do to make the pain go away.

After 5 years in pain, I found out about chiropractic, which helped with some of my pain, but I knew there was a missing piece I hadn’t found yet. And then, by chance (or maybe destiny), I found out about Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. After a close friend told me about the relief he got from a local therapist, I went with him to a session and the therapist showed me how to treat some of his muscles by pressing on them in specific places that she called “Trigger Points”. I was fascinated, and wondered if it could help me with my back pain, so I then scheduled a treatment for myself.

I remember that first session when I found out about my own Trigger Points, how surprising it was that the therapist knew exactly where to press (it was like she knew my pain and where it was coming from and could feel it herself)! I remember how amazed I was that after she pressed on all those spots, my pain went away! It totally shook me to my core. All those years of not knowing what to do. All those years of being in pain. I got very emotional as I took it all in and started to understand that I really could be out of pain.

Within one session with that Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist, not only did I know for certain that Trigger Points were the cause of my pain, the mystery I hadn’t been able to solve, but also I knew that I could now get rid of the pain! Even more exciting, I knew after one session that I would become a Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist myself, and help other people who had pain to get out of pain!

It had always been my mission to help people in some way, but even after getting a degree in Psychology and certification in Elementary Education, I hadn’t been sure how my mission would manifest itself.  It was finding Trigger Point Therapy that opened my eyes to the obvious choice for my career path.  This was a direct way to help people with a method that was natural, effective, and rewarding.  It’s what I was searching for. Having the opportunity to go to the Shaw Myotherapy Institute in Springfield, VA to study with Nancy Shaw in her rigorous program still ranks as the one of best educational experiences I have ever had.

It’s been over 21 years since I became a Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist. What an honor it has been, and continues to be, to be able to help people get out of pain. What’s even better, is that the techniques I use can be learned and used by anyone who wants to learn them, even you, to fix your own pain. I am sharing these so that you can see what is possible, and have hope, too.

By the way, I rarely have back pain anymore, and when I do occasionally have pain, I know what to do to get relief. I want for you to have that same sense of control over your pain, and for you to be able to get back into doing whatever it is in your life that you haven’t been able to do because of your pain. I want to give you hope that it is possible, and I’d like to be the one to help you get out of pain and back into living your life.

Apart from being able to live pain-free myself, I feel it is my mission to motivate and inspire others in pain to learn to do the same!

Getting out of pain is a journey (one which is endlessly fascinating), and it doesn’t always happen overnight. When I experienced my first session, I did feel immediate relief from much of my pain. It was transformational for me, right away.

But to get rid of the pain more permanently, it took more treatment, and learning what to do to keep the pain away. The journey to pain relief has been something for which I am grateful. It has transformed my life and has helped define who I have come to be in my life.

My mission after all these years remains the same: To motivate, inspire, and teach people to get out of pain.

I believe your journey to pain relief can be just as transformational for you, too. I realize that people throw the word “transformational” around a lot these days, but really, nothing is as high priority as your health. Nothing is as important as how you feel as you go through your day. Nothing matters more than your being able to function without pain, to work and play, to be with your family and friends, and not have pain be the number one thing on your mind. If you can get out of pain, and know how to fix it yourself, wouldn’t that be truly transformational?

Through 21+ years of experience in practice, learning from continuing education courses, as well as from what works best for my clients, and what’s worked best for my own pain, I have learned what it takes to tackle the problem of Myofascial Pain from all angles. I have been fortunate enough to have met the pioneers in the Myofascial Pain field, like Dr. Janet Travell, Dr. David Simons, and others. I’m even honored to have once been a demonstration “subject” during one of Dr. Travell’s lectures, an experience I’ll never forget. It truly has been a priceless journey, one that has been enlightening, exciting, and the most important journey one can take. I’ve synthesized the best of what I’ve learned and experienced over the years into my PRISM programs and packages.

Can you imagine getting out of pain, and back into your life? Can you imagine that it is possible? I know it’s hard to even think about, especially if you have been in pain for a long time. When new clients come to see me, often the biggest obstacle initially is that they need to really understand and believe that THIS IS DIFFERENT.

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (MTPT) is NOT like the therapies you have tried before (unless you’ve had MTPT before). It is a different approach, and results are possible, often even very quickly! It involves using direct pressure on specific points in your muscles, and it really gets to the root of the problem. It is NOT massage, and although some massage therapists use some of the techniques of MTPT, unless they are doing the full protocol, they are not likely to give you the same results. MTPT gets to the point (get it?) by treating the Trigger Points, which are often the root of the problem, or are at least one part of the problem.

MTPT is the basic technique I teach.  Along with learning this technique, you can learn how to relieve your pain in other ways. Additional programs I’ve developed are  “Reflect on it – The Bridge” (available now) and “Inspire it – Captain’s Messages” (available now).

By using these programs, I sincerely believe you will find relief, and hope. I am keeping the cost of these programs very reasonable so that everyone can have access to them easily, and more people can be helped.

You can help me help more people, too! If you know someone who is in pain and could benefit from my programs or services, please send the the link to my site. I appreciate your helping me to spread the message that you can Fix Your Own Pain. I thank you in advance for any referrals you send my way.

To start your journey, if you haven’t already done so, please enter your name and email address at the top right. You’ll receive weekly emails with information on pain relief.

I look forward to working with you if all this resonates with you. Whether or not we work together, I thank you for stopping by! I wish you a fun-filled, pleasant, eye-opening journey!

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