Happy clients through the years have shared their gratitude for the relief they have gotten from our sessions together. They now LOVE THE FEELING of reduced pain and increased activity in life, and you can, too! Please read their words below to find out more:

“I am exponentially better; back to before the injury in May and with an inner sense that my back is strong.” – N.C.

“I heard about Jill’s services after I attempted multiple styles of treatment for an extremely strained neck. Prior to seeking help I was in the ER in severe discomfort. Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, all preceded Myofascial Therapy mistakenly. Jill’s technique was the only one that provided immediate relief and a promising long term flexibility. The stretches she taught me and had me do throughout my normal day became easier and less painful, slowly increasing my range of motion. This therapy put me way ahead of where I would be with a standard regimen of Physical Therapy. I am so grateful to have found her!” – R. Serisky, Software Engineer

“In nov. 2005 I suffered a (rather severe) broken collarbone in a mountain bike crash. By mid April 2006 I was healed up well but only had about (at best) 80% of my normal range of motion in my right arm and shoulder. I also had a mild amount of pain when stretching my arm. I was lucky enough to have a trigger point therapy session with Jill while I was in the Boston area on tour (I’m a pro musician). We had a 40 min session and I was amazed- my range of motion had improved to 97%+! In one treatment!! I only wish I had a chance to have more sessions with Jill to solidify the results and further my healing. I highly recommend this innovative and very effective therapy!!”– katisse buckingham, flute/sax player


As an artist, I recently struggled with chronic shoulder pain due to overuse of my drawing arm. I thought I had torn a muscle, because it hurt whenever I drew pictures or typed. I saw three doctors and consulted with several chiropractors. Nobody could confidently explain what was wrong. MRIs revealed no dramatic tears. They wanted to give me cortisone shots. I refused, because they were only guessing. I tried 8 weeks of physical therapy, but the pain persisted. Finally, I found Jill Goldman and learned about trigger points. It made total sense. Jill took the time to educate me and patiently answered all of my questions. She taught me how to release my triggers and heal myself. After two sessions with her, my pain subsided dramatically. I could finally draw again without pain! Jill is knowledgeable, kind, and empathetic. She genuinely wanted to help me, and she did. She’s a pro, with years of practice and knowledge. I recommend her highly. – Mark

“Jill, thank you for being so available to see me and provide the help I needed. After 2 months of physical therapy, only getting me some relief, I am amazed how much was accomplished after our 3 sessions over 1 week’s time!!!   As a nurse with over 25 years experience and a former massage therapist, myofascial trigger point therapy was a new entity to me.  It truly got down to the problem areas and it was fascinating to finally realize where all the pain was coming from.  My husband’s comment the other day was- ”You seem to have so much more energy.”  And he’s right!!  I know this is the right course for me.  Thank you so much!!!” – N. Carlson, surgical nurse

“In my mid-forties, I began to develop a pain near my right hip. I couldn’t sit cross-legged and getting in and out of the car would often trigger a sudden pain.  Long car trips made me very uncomfortable and soon I was waking at night with pain every time I turned over.  Eventually I couldn’t lie on my right side with my legs straight.  I tried all sorts of treatments beginning with Yoga, massage, physical therapy and acupuncture.  Then a friend told me how Jill Goldman was the only practitioner who has ever helped her.  I had just heard of Trigger Point Therapy and decided to give it a try.  In about 10 sessions my pain disappeared entirely and a year and a half later, it has never returned.  I’m thrilled about it.”  – Linda Ugelow, singer/dancer with Libana

 “I developed severe and debilitating chronic pain following a car accident and have been a client of Jill Goldman since 1991. Jill’s trigger point therapy gives me the relief that I need to enjoy my life fully again. Recently, I took classes with Jill to learn how to relieve my own pain. A couple of weeks ago, when my pain had gotten pretty bad from some wear-and-tear activities that I couldn’t avoid and I couldn’t schedule an appointment with Jill, I suddenly remembered that I could try to fix the pain myself! I took out my tool and began to work. I knew I didn’t have the expertise that Jill has, but I was desperate, so I just tried all she had taught me in the classes. I realized that I could indeed locate the trigger points and that I could calibrate the amount of pressure to use. The beauty is that the self-treatment worked! The pain relief was not instantaneous, but a day after self-treatment, I realized that my pain level had gone way down. Bolstered by this success, I did another self-treatment three days later. It brought my pain down even further. Although I may always prefer Jill’s capable hands and healing powers, I also am buoyed by the knowledge that I can be part of the solution by helping to fix my own pain. This awareness is tremendously valuable to me–both physically and emotionally.” – Tina

“Jill, if it weren’t for you and what you have already worked on I wouldn’t be at the level I am now. I think what you do is wonderful.  It has definitely opened my eyes. Thanks again for all you have done for me already. My neck is still not bothering me, which is great! My shoulder is still feeling pretty good right now too. I have kept up with the stretches and have been doing a lot of work out in my yard raking, lifting, pushing wheel barrels and digging and my shoulder and arm has been able to handle it just fine, thanks to you.  The full session I had with you, did wonders for me. I’m still benefiting, having more mobility. For now I am just going to see how things go. After finishing all the landscaping work in my backyard I’ll probably need some work done on me again.” – Debbie Cunningham, librarian (from email after one treatment)

“Thanks again for the treatment on my back! It made a big difference in how I felt after the major stress of the show.  I wish you lived in ‘La La land’ so I could be a regular client!” -  Jake Simpson, singer/actor, Star Search winner, California

“I want to thank you for your skillful touch.   You were God’s sent.  After the treatment, the piercing headache that I had for a while, disappeared.  I wish that you could be close by so I can be your regular patient.  I’m sure that whenever we go back toBoston, I’ll give you a call. Thanks, again, A. Martínez,” dental assistant

“Thanks for helping me with my back - feels sooo much better! Thanks again and take care, Darra”, administrative assistant at Stoneham Theater

“I was in constant pain, having injured my back and neck in a car accident.  I spent long periods on my back on the floor of my home, giving me only temporary relief.  Even after 2 years of chiropractic treatment I still suffered immensely.  There were times when my back would freeze up and I could not get out of my car. There were times when I was completely bent over in spasm.  I was starting to think that I would spend the rest of my life in pain. A friend told me how MTPT really helped her. I called CambridgeMyotherapyCenterand spoke to a lovely woman named Jill Goldman.  I told her my problems and she made an appointment to see me immediately.  The rest is history.  I could not believe the relief I found after just one treatment.  Now I go for “tune-ups” or when I am under stress and find my body tightening up.  I’d rather have a myofascial trigger point therapy treatment over massage any day of the week!  It is so healing and the effects are immediate. I really am a fan of this incredible therapy – the theory behind it makes so much sense.  I wish there were more practitioners doing this work– especially practitioners with the skill, sensitivity, commitment, and caring that Jill Goldman offers her clients.  She really is a jewel.  I would love to see more people liberated from their pain – it is possible with Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy!”– E.B. Moran

“Dear Jill, Woke up today without neck pain and without a headache.  Unbelievable.  I can’t tell you what a big deal this is for me.  Kisses and blessings and kudos and flowers to you.  And many thanks.  What a wow.  Warmest thanks.” – Joyce L., homeschooling mother of 2, flute player (from email after one session)

“I drive 35 miles each way to work and home every day. I also spend a great deal of time on the computer for my work. I had been getting tingling/pins and needles in my thumb and forefinger on the left hand for quite a while. It then started on the right hand. I thought it must be ‘carpal tunnel’ and envisioned braces, surgery, etc. I went to Jill and she immediately recognized these symptoms as a ‘neck muscle problem’. After one session I no longer had any odd sensations in my right hand and very few in my left. After two, it is rare that I have any at all. I am still working with Jill to reduce the tension I carry in my neck and shoulders. I would highly recommend her Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy approach to relieving the pain and tensions that we carry in our bodies.”  -K. McManus, Architect,Rhode Island

 “Thanks for the treatment this past Sunday! I’m thrilled to report that it did wonders! Because I carry a lot of tension in my neck/shoulders I’ve been very timid about having massages or anything of the like in the past, as I’ve found them to be painful. I’m also somewhat of a self-proclaimed “insomniac”, but I must say, after the session the other day I’ve been sleeping extremely well. I’ve found that I’m more relaxed and can fade away to sleep a lot quicker, which is a blessing. THANK YOU! I plan to give you a call to arrange another appointment when I’m back inStoneham for CHRISTMAS CAROL! Thanks again,” – Angie Fullarton, pianist, composer, musical director

“thanks so much, jill.  my back feels incredibly better.  i’m ready to do the show again.”- b. bass, actor/singer/dancer

I definitely have been noticing a difference the past few days.  I have always had tight hamstrings and have to constantly work to keep my flexibility.  So, when I am in a big dance show like TOMMY, I am used to waking up a bit stiff/tight in the legs when I get out of bed in the morning.  However, since the treatment on Sunday night, I have been getting up feeling great!  I would be curious to have been treated during the rehearsal/tech process as my hamstrings were VERY tight then. Sincerely, Laura D. DeGiacomo,” actor/singer/dancer

“I have experienced a lot of bodywork over the years and found Jill to be particularly talented. She seemed to have an intuitive sense of where to find the tension in my body, finding spots that had never before been probed. She was able to work with my breath to allow for a relatively painless release of the intense discomfort I had been carrying – the results lasting far longer than other types of bodywork I had experienced.” – L. Bosley, musician with Libana

 “I have been a client of Jill Goldman’s at Cambridge Myotherapy for ten years.  As a musician, I am constantly taxing my body, but cannot afford strained muscles.  I have tried many forms of treatment, both traditional and alternative, and myofascial trigger point therapy is the only thing that has worked, especially after I injured myself.  It quickly cures the pain, and keeps me feeling loose for long periods at a time.” – N. Kidd, professional double bass player and teacher

“Dear Jill,

I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your help with
the problem I have been having with my finger.

After injuring the index finger on my left hand over one month ago, I saw (or spoke with) three doctors and a chiropractor. They ranged from a rheumatologist to a physiatrist to an orthopedist. Their comments and
advice ranged from “I don’t know what this is,” to “It sounds like
trigger finger.” I had blood work and x-rays done. I was prescribed
ibuprofen and Naproxen. Two doctors have recommended cortisone injections into my finger. I have been in physical discomfort, and, as a guitar instructor, emotional distress due to the difficulty in using my hands.

When I spoke with you on the phone last night, you suggested working
on one particular trigger point in my finger and gave me some simple
hand exercises to do. Literally overnight, I have seen a 95%
improvement in my finger, both in range of motion and level of

I cannot thank you enough. I recommend Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy to
anyone who is experiencing physical discomfort and wants to try a
non-invasive approach.


Y. Resnick

“Jill Goldman has a remarkable super power. I’m quite envious.  I have respectable super powers.  I can bake a
mean oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, I can make impressive sounding turkey gobbles on command at holiday parties, and I can make bad news sound like some one’s won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. Not bad as far as super powers go, but they can’t hold a candle to Jill’s.

Jill can make pain disappear.

Boom!  Pop!  Ka-ping!

Just like that.

Last weekend, Jill and I were performing together in a community choir
concert.  The day had not been treating me well.  After running around
that morning to prepare for the concert, the fates decided to bless me
with a giant toothache.  The pain emanated from my jaw up and down the
right side of my face.  About an hour before showtime, my cheeks were
flushed, my head was throbbing, and I was thinking, “Say goodbye to
singing your solo line, Eileen.  There’s no way you’re singing through

I moaned to Jill about the pain and she generously offered to do some
work on my face.  She had me sit down in a chair and remove my
glasses.  She sat down beside me and began to press her fingers into
the right side of my head along my temple.  Her touch went from gentle
to persistent and firm.  I asked her if she could sense where I was
feeling the pain, and she said, “Oh, absolutely.  It’s a little
tougher along the temple, but I can definitely tell where you’re
feeling tension.”

In a few minutes, sunlight was bursting through the clouds and she
pulled her fingers away from my head.  She asked me to stretch and rub
my jaw for a little bit, explaining that the pain that I was feeling
could be coming from the jaw if not from the tooth itself.  She was
absolutely right.  Moments after doing the stretch, everything was
right as rain.  The tooth still throbbed gently, but all of the pain
had left my jaw and the side of my head.

It was an absolutely remarkable experience and it boggles my mind to
think what Jill might be able to accomplish with an aching body in a
full hour.  It was nothing short of a miracle.

Thanks again for saving the day on Saturday!”


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